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elmo loves his goldfish~
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30th-Apr-2030 10:34 pm - ME, MYSELF AND I


my livejournal is friends locked because I want to have the option of ranting and posting sensitive posts that shouldn't be on my blogger. amore-a-te.blogspot.com (: I haven't updated in ages, but in case anyone wanted to look lol. 
1st-Jan-2013 11:41 am(no subject)

I am kinda glad to see 2012 go.

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Have a great year ahead! (:

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13th-Dec-2012 07:11 am(no subject)

In a five star hotel in Taiwan with 413~ this is how freedom feels like~

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13th-Dec-2011 05:41 pm(no subject)

Maybe I am demanding but sometimes being first just isn't enough. What's the point of being first when you have to share that joy with the rest who won something. I'm selfish. I want all of it. Feels worse to know that the rest know something that I don't and I'm not allowed near it. No point.

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12th-Dec-2011 12:11 am(no subject)

At chalet and bitching hahahaha love 413ers. <3

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19th-Nov-2011 08:47 pm(no subject)

No, friends aren't supposed to be burdens. I expect it from you because I would do the same and more for you.

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glass heart
30th-Jun-2011 01:09 am(no subject)

So! Math was good. I love the feeling of seeing the question and just doing it. I will hopefully secure that A. Otherwise a high B would be good.

I'm here instead of studying for bio haha oops. Post math feeling maybe. But chem was :/ I felt like I could do the paper but I was so freaking insecure. I put in so much effort into chem. God knows how much I want to get my chem right. I was struggling not to cry after the paper. Partly because I was so just so effin scared I would screw up and let people down and partly because I couldn't believe that something that I had slogged so hard for was over temporarily. There was not one day during the hols that i didn't think about chem. In fact, minus my birthday, I did chem every single day. I will just die if I fail. But it's okay because I now know my limits. Never realized I could really be so mugger. (: that's good. Need to just mug and get my grades right. Get out of this hell called rj so I can finally do what I want.

In the meantime, packed post cts schedule ftw! <3

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alien jaejoong
27th-Apr-2011 12:50 am(no subject)
26th-Mar-2011 06:30 pm(no subject)
I think I've done this before but I have a strong feeling things have changed since I last did it. I don't know which one applies more now.

Question: If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like a replacement (you don't know if you actually are one) , would you go ahead or stop and refuse to be a replacement?

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changmin smiles
28th-Feb-2011 12:38 am(no subject)
 step back. back back back until wham! you hit the wall.
glass heart
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